The key to living a deeply fulfilling, successful, passionate life is to love yourself passionnately. To fully embrace and love every aspect of yourself – in both our physical, psychological and emotional realms.

 Let’s start with the physical.
The other areas will follow soon…


Your amazing body

  What does your divine body need?



 Make sure you do some kind of fitness on a regular basis. And preferably take a nature walk for 30 minutes daily.


Good food

 Your body needs good, healthy, nurturing, vibrant food. If you’re used to eating fast food, then start a transition. You might feel some resistance here. If so, create a quite space, close your eyes, take some deep breaths to focus your mind, and ask your body: what kind of food do you REALLY want? Maybe you can negotiate a diciplined transition… 😉



 Go get a massage or a facial.



 This is about giving your body selflove! Do you ever caress your own body? Expressing your gratitude?

 For this purpose I urge you on a regular basis to create your own sacred space. Turn off your phone, lit some candles, put on some soft music. Now start telling your feet how grateful you are for carrying you around for all these years. Really go into your deepest gratitude and let the feeling spread. Go through all parts of your body in this way. It’ll completely change the connection to your body!


If you need assistence I would love to help you to REALLY connect to your fantastic body – it’s essential for living a truly successful life!


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